Why root the Nexus 7 – Overclock it to 2GHz that’s why!

By default the nexus 7 is clocked to 1.3GHz with it’s quadcore chip.  Reports have shown it at an amazing 1.64GHz compliments of Trinity Kernel.  Now reports are showing this JB beast can be pushed farther than anyone thought with the ability to hit 1.8GHz.  Continue reading for more.

That still wasn’t enough, Android Community have asked the developer for a pre-release version of the kernel which brings it to 2GHz (2000MHz).  Benchmarks are seeing over 8,000 on quadrant.

Currently the Clemsyn Elite kernel is having some issues hitting the 2GHz mark so it’s not available yet, however, if you want to take it to 1.8GHz you can get the kernel here.  Once you have OC’d the Nexus 7, let us know what you think about it and how it feels.

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